Who we are

We are a small team of people who have the mission to spread Gods word and do His work in the Philippines. Our goal is to build communities that help and support each other, to be the bridge between West-Europe and the Philippines.

Within the Build My Home Mission Philippines there are several core activities, which are the following:

Serving food to (street) children

We organize an evangelisation event, where we sing several Christian songs, pray together and explain what we’re exactly doing here. Afterwards we serve food, made by volunteers, to the children and all the other people present at the event. These events are at different locations, from schools to poor neighbourhoods.

Distributing food parcels to very poor households

Through our local network, we know which households really need help. We visit poor neighbourhoods and distribute food parcels. Before we give these, we pray together and do evangelisation.

Give medical support

In the Philippines, people barely have social support from the government contrary to the good circumstances in Europe. Resulting in a lot of ill people that are left hanging in the hallway of the hospital, waiting for a miracle to happen. Therefore we visit hospitals and ask the person responsible which people are in need of most help. We get a list of names and then consider which persons to help, as we don’t have the largest budget. After determining, we visit the persons, pray together and evangelise. We do not give money to the people, but buy the medicines they need and give these.

Give school support

A selected group of students is given school support. This means that all the school fees are covered by Build My Home Mission Philippines. Some students have an individual sponsor from West-Europe; others are sponsored by the general budget of Build My Home Mission Philippines. But we’re always looking for sponsors. Our goal for this certain activity is to give these students the opportunity to go to school, which their parents could not provide. There are several obligations the students need to follow like having a minimum grade of 7 (out of 10), attending bible studies and also after they graduate, support the new group of students.

Build churches

Eventually we want to build churches, it is not something we can do every year. But if the possibility is there, we try! Right now we have already built five churches in the Philippines. Each church is in contact with the first and the biggest church we have built. We are one team working together to do Gods will.

The area that is covered is the island Mindanao, especially the cities Tukuran, (Zamboanga Del Sur) and General Santos. There is a lot of poverty in these areas.

On the map below you can see where exactly Build My Home Mission Philippines is active.

Map of the Philippines

Map of the Philippines


Where does the money/support come from?

The Build My Home Mission Philippines organizes events from time to time, like a BBQ, buffet etc. Furthermore selling egg rolls (loempia’s in Dutch), waffles and most important gifts from the people.


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